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The Astana International Financial Centre (the “AIFC”) is a unique financial hub for Central Asia enjoying a special legal status that endows the AIFC members with exclusive privileges and benefits.

AIFC law is based on the principles, rules and precedents of the laws of England and Wales, including the best international practices of the world leading financial centers, such as Hong Kong, Dubai, London and Singapore.

The AIFC occupies an area specifically allocated for its operations in Nur-Sultan, although it is open to foreign corporate members as well.

Activities in the AIFC may be carried out either in the capacity of the AIFC participant, or in the capacity of an accredited market participant. Status of a participant is acquired by registering physical presence – by setting up and registering a new company, assigning the status of a recognized company for the companies registered in other jurisdictions or by way of redomiciliation.

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